How do I get started with worm farming?

Answer Vermiculture, or the art of raising worms, is an interesting and potentially financially rewarding hobby or occupation. During these economically challenging times, a supplemental income that requi... Read More »

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Bait Worm Farming?

Worms are frequently used as natural, live fish bait. They can be found in the yard, at a worm farm or at bait shops. They are frequently inexpensive and easy to raise, making it easy to create a w... Read More »

Worm Farming in Africa?

Worm farming is a method of composting using worms stored in containers to dispose of food scraps and manure. The resulting soil can then be used as potting soil for plants or fertilizer for a gard... Read More »

How to Get Started With Fish Farming in Pennsylvania?

Commercial fish farming in the United States has traditionally been dependant on natural waterways, such as Idaho's trout-rich Snake River and the catfish-rich ponds of the South. According to Dr. ... Read More »

What if aliens started FARMING HUMANS?

great question! i like your logic. i imagine that to aliens, our screams would be just like cows mooing. for some reason when animals cry out in pain, we dont react the same just because they dont ... Read More »