How do I get started trading stocks?

Answer Trading stocks means buying and selling small shares of companies making a portion of their business available for the public to purchase. As with purchasing anything in a marketplace, getting star... Read More »

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What are the benefits of trading stocks?

The Internet has allowed people from different walks of life the chance to trade stocks as quickly as the professionals on Wall Street. As result, a new class of trader is discovering the benefits ... Read More »

What is the 3-day rule in trading stocks?

The three-day settlement rule in trading stocks represents the time frame in which a trade, either a buy or sell order, must be settled. Also known as T+3, which stands for transaction date plus th... Read More »

How to Manage Risk when Trading Stocks?

Every successful business has a risk management plan. And stock Trading is a business! Here is how to manage risk when trading stocks.

How to Pick Stocks for Swing Trading?

There are two major schools of thought in investment analysis: fundamental and technical. Fundamental looks at the book (accounting) value of the company compared to the market value, while technic... Read More »