How do I get songs off itunes onto USB drive?

Answer If you go into your music library on your hard drive, you can see how many MB your music takes up. The amount per song will vary with the length of the song and the type of encoding and bitrate ch... Read More »

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How can you put songs from one itunes onto another itunes on a different computer without copying your songs onto blank discs or an ipod?

Answer Here are the steps if you have iTunes on the "different computer:" Connect your iPod to the computer A window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that are not on the comput... Read More »

How do I transfer my ipod songs onto itunes when my itunes has been erased?

hook up your ipod then open my computer your ipod will show up as a removable disk drive E:right click on the name of your ipod in my computer and click copy then open up another folder ie: my musi... Read More »

Do you have to go on to iTunes to get songs onto your itouch or can you get songs from iTunes straight from your itouch because i know you can go ont the internet but i dont know if you can get iTunes?

Yes you can. Just click on the purple iTunes on your iTouch instead of clicking music. It should take you straight to the iTunes store. But you must pay to by them.

How to Put Songs From a CD Onto iTunes?

Adding the songs from your CD library into iTunes means that you can have quick access to all your music and a backup copy in the event your physical disk is lost, damaged or stolen. When you add ... Read More »