In love with someone that won't love me?

Answer you never even met the guy.... this is just a crush you pre-teens smh

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How to Love Someone?

If you love someone, don't play with their love. Just let that love be true. Here are some steps to help.

How to Get Someone to Love You?

Is there somebody that you like? Would you like them to love you? Well i think i might have the solution. But at first,you have to make them like you.Then step by step,you will get them to love you... Read More »

How to Kiss Someone You Love?

Do you love someone so much, and want that kiss to be perfect?If you read this article, you will kiss who you love perfectly.

How to Tell Someone You Love Him or Her?

It is a hard thing to do, essentially if its your best friend. So take a deep breath, as he or she will have to know eventually. so tell him or her if you are good friends. He or she will understand.