How do i remove rust by dipping in a rust remover?

Answer Clean the Rusted PartScrub the part with a wire brush to remove loose rust. Wash the rusted part with a mild detergent to remove grease and oil. Rinse the part thoroughly.Dip in Rust RemoverPut on ... Read More »

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How to Use Rust Removers to Eliminate Rust from Most Surfaces?

You may be surprised when you realize just how many household products can be used as rust removers. They're very effective and many are safe for the environment. You may have the ingredients for e... Read More »

How To Use Rust-Oleum Rust Stripper?

Rust-Oleum Rust Stripper is a rust-removing product that strips the surfaces of metal parts, such as those found in the automotive industry. This product can remove lacquers, polyurethane, acrylics... Read More »

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What is a cameo necklace?

Cameo refers to a carving method, traditionally used on gems, coral or shells. In necklaces, these carvings are often oval in shape, and worn on a chain or velvet choker.References:Harris Michael J... Read More »