How do I get rid of virtumonde adware?

Answer When a computer is infected with a form of malware (such as a virus, a Trojan horse, spyware, or rootkits), the malware can cause the computer to do strange things. It can degrade the speed of an I... Read More »

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What is Virtumonde?

Virtumonde is a spyware and adware program that attacks your computer. It usually infects the computer through an email attachment, resulting in pop-ups and forcing your computer to connect to unwa... Read More »

Who made VirtuMonde?

The creator of VirtuMonde, a trojan horse malware program, is not known, according to VirtuMonde Remover Pro. VirtuMonde infects the computer via popup adware, but it is not considered a major thre... Read More »

Who created VirtuMonde?

The creator of the VirtuMonde Trojan horse program is unknown. Also called Troj/AgentSpy-A and Trojan.Vundo.B, VirtuMonde attacks Microsoft operating systems. VirtuMonde is an adware application th... Read More »

Who wrote Virtumonde?

As of August 2010, the writer of the Trojan Horse virus known as Virtumonde is unknown. A registry key of "MS Juan," created when the program infects a computer system, may be a sign of the author.... Read More »