How do I get rid of this hamstring problem?

Answer Depending on how you injured your hamstring you can do several things.If this was due to a serious injury like a car accident I would suggest you see your doctor.If it is just a pulled hamstring gi... Read More »

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Help with this hamstring injury, it's ruining my life?

I think you should see a sports injury specialist since this has been ongoing for so long.

My hamstring and the back of my knee has been hurting! Is ice or heat better for this?

That happened to me a few weeks ago, i went to a specialist and they told me to stretch it everyday and heat before activity and ice after, also icy hot patches helped me... get the xl back and hip... Read More »

My problem is sex,it is verry small time. Have an eny solv this problem?

Dont be excisted during sex.think of something else during sex.the following Ayurvedic Medicines can be taken with Milk twice daily for 3-4 months:Sidh Makardhawaj Special Tablet 1-1Manmath Ras Ta... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox 13, 14 has tabs problem. Do you have this problem too Blank tabs when session restored?

In Tools> Options> General> Startup: do you have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" displayed in the very top line?Also, under "Tabs", uncheck "Don't load tabs until selected".As a possible ... Read More »