How do I get rid of the taste of Onions in my mouth ?

Answer chewing gum or mouth wash

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How to Remove the Strong Sharp Taste or Smell from Onions?

Onions are frequently used in salads or dishes that involves using the onions fresh and uncooked. The sharp smell or taste of uncooked onions, often leaves one feeling uncomfortable. Most children ... Read More »

Why does my mouth always taste bad after I take a nap?

Things to try:1. Gargle with a mix of:1/2 glass warm water + 1 TBS white vinegar + salt2. Have teeth sealed (a clear material). Same for wisdom teeth later.3. Use:- ARM & HAMMER® PeroxiCare- ACT T... Read More »

What causes a soapy taste in the mouth?

If you used foul language, some parents will wash your mouth out with soap. But that's not the only cause of a soapy taste in your mouth.Not Rinsing ProperlyMany people brush their teeth in a rush ... Read More »

How do you get the metallic taste out of your mouth?

It depends what is causing the metallic taste, it can be caused by some medications, cavities in your teeth, acid reflux or heartburn. Using blocks under the head of your bed to lift the bed to a 1... Read More »