How do I get rid of the captions on a 1994 Toshiba TV with no remote?

Answer Use the remote

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How do you turn the captions off of a Sanyo TV without a remote?

Sometimes the remote just won't respond, and I have to turn the POWER on at the tv set. Then I often spin them, tap the remote LIGHTLY on my desk, and voila they do last a little longer.Another tip... Read More »

Can a Toshiba SE-R0108 remote control work with MW30G71?

The Toshiba SE-R0108 remote control was not designed as a replacement for the remote control used for the MW30G71 multimedia HD television and is not compatible with the system. This remote is desi... Read More »

How do you program a Toshiba television with a Primestar remote control?

How do you tune a Toshiba tv with the remote there is no menu button?

That could vary greatly depending on what model of Toshiba TV you have. The link below is to Toshiba's web site where you can get product support as well as replacement owner's manuals, etc.