How do I get rid of the Powerade taste from the bottle?

Answer Try cleaning it with baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

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Anyone have a Powerade Olympic promotional bottle code?

Does soda taste better in the can or bottle ?

A nice cold bottle always hit the spot. same for beer...

Why does beer taste so much better from a bottle than from a can(or tin if you prefer)...?

Findings from blind tastings found no preference of bottled beer over canned beer. Of course the canned beer was from quality made modern cans and not circa dinosaur era cans. Beer from a tap becom... Read More »

Would a bottle of coca cola from 1963 still taste ok?

It would probably still taste like Coca-Cola but without carbonation. The oldest coke I tasted was about 8 years old from a can and it still tasted like Coke but just flat.