How do I get rid of stomach aches without medicine?

Answer It depends on what kind of hurt it is. If it is crampy, you need to eat more fruits, veges and fiber.If it is acidic/burning, then you might have heartburn, you should see a doctor.If it is just a ... Read More »

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How to Help Your Children's Tummy Aches Without Medicine?

Whine whine whine. Your child isn't feeling too good! That's OK. Here are some suggestions.

My stomach aches after eating?

It sounds like you have acid reflux, or heartburn. I get this quite frequently due to medication I am on. Try drinking green tea, and taking acidophilous(a pill, all organic, for acid burning). You... Read More »

I usually have stomach aches at work, why?

Its because you hate work so much it is actually making you sick! I think its time you found a new job...

Energy drink nausea and stomach aches?

your heart is beating fast because of all the caffeine. your stomach probably hurts due to the carbonation and sugar you drank. Personally i wouldn't drink any that have loads of sugar, thats goi... Read More »