How do I get rid of other people's placemarks on Google Earth?

Answer on bottom left column under layers, click the plus sign to open 'geographic web', untick 'best of google earth community', and all placemarks will dissappear!

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i downloaded google earth and i cant find the "fly to" box, on, WHERE IS THE FLY TO BOX?

It's suppose to be on the left side of the page.

Would Google be able to answer most peoples questions on here?

Not really, this shows the opinions of many people so you can make decisions. google is more factual. Factual questions can go to google.

Is really google are stealing peoples personal information?

This is called Keeping not Stealing, if you are talking about the Google Privacy Policy. In Privacy Policy Google has declared that it will keep our all information CONFIDENTIAL.

Google Maps & Google Earth, but did you know that there is also a Google Moon?

Yeah, definitely! I love Google space. If you look at planets, stars, moons, etc. and there is a picture from the Hubble, it'll come up. Beautiful! That's all I can say.