How do I get rid of other people's placemarks on Google Earth?

Answer on bottom left column under layers, click the plus sign to open 'geographic web', untick 'best of google earth community', and all placemarks will dissappear!

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With windows 64 bit can google earth be downloaded and how and other programs?

Same way it's been done since Window '95............ click the link to download in your browser window, e.g. Mozilla Firefox from…Sometimes software publ... Read More »

Besides Google Earth, whats the other site you can go to to view streets. homes, etc.? is called Microsoft Virtual Earth. Considered to be a contender for Google.Cheers !HellBound Bloggers

i downloaded google earth and i cant find the "fly to" box, on, WHERE IS THE FLY TO BOX?

It's suppose to be on the left side of the page.

Why can't they use Google Earth to see what happened Maddie McAnn Or any other missing kids, crimes etc..?

It is my personal opinion that the government and some of our governmental agencies in the US exploit this technology for tracking citizens and targets of interest to them. I don't think they will ... Read More »