How do I get rid of mothball odor?

Answer Fresh AirHang clothing, blankets or quilts stored with mothballs on an outdoor clothesline or drying rack. Exposing the fabrics to fresh air will help remove the mothball odor. Keep fabrics out of ... Read More »

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How do I remove mothball smell from a mattress?

Take the mattress outdoors in the morning, and allow it to sit in direct sunlight for the entire day. Flip the mattress halfway through the day to allow sunlight to hit all parts of the mattress eq... Read More »

How to Prevent Odors With Mothball Diffusion?

Many people use mothballs when storing clothes and other fabrics. Although mothballs are useful in preventing moth and mold damage to fabrics, the mothball smell is offensive and hard to remove. Th... Read More »

How to Chase Moles from Your Lawn (Mothball Method)?

No digging, no killing, and presto, your mole is gone! A simple application of moth balls will do the trick.

How to Get the Mothball Smell Out of an Older Mobile Home?

Mothballs sometimes keep bugs and rodents away, making them popular for use in the home. If you have an older mobile home, this is a small area that can quickly capture and hold in that mothball sm... Read More »