How do I get rid of mold on a bee balm plant?

Answer Improve Air CirculationThin the group of bee balm plants by cutting near the base of their stems, or gently tugging the stems from close to the ground. If possible, remove the plants with the most ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of mold on bee balm plant?

Water RinseRinse the leaves of the bee balm plant with water. Spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves with medium force to remove mold.RemoveRemove any moldy leaves with gardening shears and throw... Read More »

How do I water a bee balm plant?

Get the Watering CanFill the watering can with water.Water During Dry SpellsWater the bee balm at the base of the plant every seven to 10 days, until the topsoil around the base of the plant forms ... Read More »

How do I plant bee balm from seed?

PreparationHarvest seeds from dried seed heads in October or purchase bee balm seeds. Put harvested seed heads in a paper sack and shake to separate the seeds from the pod; store seeds in a plastic... Read More »

How can you make a bee balm plant bloom?