How do I get rid of mildew on vinyl siding?

Answer BucketFill a large bucket with a 30/70 mixture of vinegar and water. You can also use 1/3 cup of laundry detergent mixed with water. If you have white siding, you can use 1 quart of liquid bleach m... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Mildew on Vinyl Siding?

If you notice green, black or even white vinyl-siding stains, it is likely mildew. Mildew growth on vinyl siding is usually on spots of the home that do not get a lot of sunlight. Not only does mil... Read More »

How to Clean Vinyl Siding With Mildew?

Vinyl siding is a durable, inexpensive and relatively hassle-free solution for the exterior of your home. Over time, vinyl siding becomes dirty and dingy. During warm, humid months, mildew can begi... Read More »

Will my vinyl siding siding snap in ok above windows?

I've hung thousands of sq. feet of vinyl,I personally don't care for it,but how I would do over window cuts is to put the piece above the window first,make 3" rip cut about 1" longer on both ends,... Read More »

Can vinyl siding be installed over wood lap siding?

Vinyl siding can be installed over wood lap siding. The wood lap siding should be checked for rot and termite damage and repaired before being sided over. It may also be necessary to install vertic... Read More »