How do I get rid of cuts on my wrists and FAST!!?

Answer Unfortunately, you can not get "rid" of them fast.Best thing you can do is use cover up and wear either a watch or bangle bracelet (both cover the wrists pretty well).I would also reccommend you se... Read More »

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How to heal cuts fast?

You might need a couple of stitches if it's opened. Clean it with peroxide and get to the doctor. I'm worried that you can get an infection if you dont. If it's a gaping cut, you cannot use neosp... Read More »

What is the best way to heal cuts FAST?

Put on the triple antibiotic before bed! Also.. NEVER put makeup over an open cut! :P You already knew that.. just reiterating.. :P

How do you prepare less expensive cuts of meat in a fast and easy way?

I try my best with my cooking what ever my family wants for dinner I make I try to be creative with my cooking.

Toshiba's HD DVD price cuts Brilliant Or like cuts on Betamax before it died?

It is specifically because its a dying/dead format.This years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started with the surprise announcement by movie giant Warner Bros. that they would no longer support To... Read More »