How do I get rid of a smell in my dryer?

Answer Dryer VentPull out the dryer vent. Remove any lint by hand. Vacuum the vent clean with a vacuum attachment. Put the vent back in its slot.Vent HoseUnclip the vent hose from the dryer. Remove any ex... Read More »

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How do I get moldy smell out of a dryer?

White VinegarFill a spray bottle with straight white vinegar, and spray the inside of the dryer. Be sure to spray along the door hinges and the door seal. Let the vinegar sit for 15 to 20 minutes. ... Read More »

Why do you smell fumes when you turn on your dryer?

If it's a gas dryer, it could be a gas leak if its gas fumes you smell. If it's burning rubber, it could be a belt. Also, your lint filter could need a good cleaning with warm water and soap. That ... Read More »

What may cause a chemical smell when you use your stove oven or dryer?

Answer It is either unburned propane, before it ignites, or it is just dust and or lint burning off.

How to Remove the Damp Smell from Books Using Dryer Sheets?

If you have a book that has damp smells, you can use dryer sheets to improve it.