How do I get rid of a mail which comes each minute?

Answer Spam,Spam,Spam!

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What was the name of the 80's or 90's Outer Limits-esque tv show which had an episode where men in biosuits broke down everything in the world and rebuilt it between each passing minute?

How many gallons per minute comes out of an average garden hose?

The flow rate for a hose is dependent on many variables such as diameter, length and water pressure. The average garden hose has a 5/8-inch diameter. A hose with a 5/8-inch diameter can provide 17... Read More »

How much water is wasted each minute from a dishwasher?

How much energy does a 100-watt light bulb use each minute?

A 100-watt light bulb uses 100 watts of energy per hour. Translated to minutes, this means a 100-watt bulb uses 1.7 watts per minute. This can also be stated as 102 Joules, 0.02833 watt hours, 0.00... Read More »