How do I get rid of Win32 computer viruses?

Answer Boot Computer in Safe ModeRun your computer in Safe Mode. Press the "F8" key on the keyboard as your computer boots up. In the menu that shows, use the arrow keys to select the option named "Safe M... Read More »

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How to Remove Win32 Viruses?

Win32 viruses are malicious programs that affect Microsoft Windows operating systems. Win32 viruses infect computer files in order to steal information, delete or corrupt files and allow remote co... Read More »

Sum guy that fixed my computer installled lime wire on my computer is this badam igoing to get viruses?

there is a chance you can get a virus from any site that active downloads files from the net and from other's computers. I have had limewire for years and not gotten a virus, I also have a good an... Read More »

If I reboot my computer, will it clear any viruses or trojans and such from my computer?

Yes if you put a disk in that will delete everything literally anything you want to save put it onto a memory stick and then just reinstall the program... If you are using rogers I would download t... Read More »

How do I get rid of viruses in my computer?

Quite easy to sort out: 1. Do a online scan using bitdefender ( link below) , this will tell you if you have a virus, and will sort it out for you. chances are you dont it just the computer has jus... Read More »