How do I get red dye out of white clothes?

Answer Wash the stained clothes immediately in warm or hot water with a heavy duty laundry detergent. If you notice red dye still on your clothing when you remove it from the washer, do not dry it as dryi... Read More »

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How to Clean Oxidized White Plastic Lawn Chairs So You Don't Get White on Your Clothes?

Oxidation occurs on objects, such as plastic lawn chairs, after a long exposure to oxygen. After oxygen and water come in contact with metal, the process results in rust. With white plastic chairs ... Read More »

How do you keep your white clothes white?

I wash all my whites in my regular laundry soap, then add a small scoop of oxi-clean powder to that. Then I have a whitest white setting which is really just an exrta rinse. So if you don't have th... Read More »

Why don't white clothes ever become as white as when you first buy them no matter what you do to them?

I used to have this problem until 'mum' suggested sterilizing tablets, you know the ones that make baby things white and sterile. Now i soak any discoloured whites before washing and they come up r... Read More »

How to Dye Red Clothes White?

Instead of purchasing all new clothes, try changing the look of some of your old ones. Cut the sleeves off a blouse, put different buttons on a denim jacket, remove the sash from a sundress, sew pa... Read More »