How do I get pen marks out of a wood table?

Answer Spoon a cup of mayonnaise into a bowl. Add a quarter-cup of a mild pumice such as Rottenstone. Mix the items together to form a gritty paste. Rub the mixture into the pen ink stain in the direction... Read More »

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How to Create a Bar Graph From a Table With a Tally Marks Worksheet?

A tally marks worksheet is a worksheet that has a list of categories in a table, along with a number of tally marks indicating how many items are in each category. The tally marks are usually place... Read More »

How to Remove Marks on Wooden Table Tops Caused by Hot Objects?

WD-40 may help clean wood scars.Did you accidentally leave a hot pan on the table, leaving a nasty mark? Follow some of the tips below to help remove or minimize the scar left behind.

How do I clean marks off of new wood decking?

Use a solution of oxygen bleach to clean marks off of new wood. Mix a solution with warm water. The amount of bleach you use will depend upon the concentration. Use it to scrub the area with a scru... Read More »

How to Remove Water Marks From Unfinished Wood?

Water marks on your unfinished wood surface most commonly appear as white rings or spots. These white marks are caused by moisture and heat being transferred into the wood by glasses or dishes sitt... Read More »