How do I get paid to write any type of article?

Answer Whether you want to write articles for print publications or websites, becoming a paid writer involves improving and expanding your ability, using your experience, knowing what publishers are looki... Read More »

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How to Write a Character Article (a "Be Like" Article) on wikiHow?

No one can be Marlon (except himself, of course), but you may be able to copy his style.wikiHow is a how-to Manual. How-to articles provide guides on how to do, fix, mend, try, make, or achieve som... Read More »

How to Write an Article for Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is a great and well-regarded way to bring more traffic to your website if it is used successfully. To find out how you can write an article for article marketing purposes carry on... Read More »

How to Write a How To Article?

Writing a how-to article is your chance to share your knowledge and special talents. Different venues are in need of informative articles. This article provides a general guide.

I want to write an article..?

Wikipedia wouldn't accept it and it would be deleted in seconds. Uncyclopedia would not accept it because it would probably contain private jokes which are not amusing/make no sense to other people.