How to Avoid Being Nervous?

Answer Is there something you want to do but get nervous every time you attempt it? Do you believe that it's impossible to not be nervous about it? Do you want to build some confidence? Here's how to do i... Read More »

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How to Ask a Guy out Without Being Nervous?

Do you ever feel nervous about asking a guy out? Or do you want to ask him out and you barely even know him? Here are some helpful hints.

How to Deal with Being Nervous?

Performing, giving a speech, talking to a crush... many things can make people nervous. The key is not letting your nervousness control you. Here's how:

Hey how can I avoid being nervous driving at night?

Relax. I'd rather drive at night. Less traffic...fewer cops...less distractions. I find it relaxing. So you had an accident? It's not the end of the world. Get back up that horse!!! I'm serious. Bu... Read More »

How to Stop Being Nervous Before Bedtime?

You just watched the new scary film that's out and have somehow convinced yourself that the main character is real and coming for you? Or, even worse, that there are real dangers out there? Well yo... Read More »