How do I get out of the army reserves for hardship?

Answer Federal law determines your term of service in the army reserves. However, life changes sometimes occur that you weren't expecting when you made your commitment to the military. For issues such as ... Read More »

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How often are the army reserves required to take an army physical fitness test?

APFT is a yearly test. 2 times if it falls during the fiscal year.

Can an army retiree join the army reserves?

Yes. If you have had prior military service, you may be eligible to join the Army Reserve after meeting certain requirements. Enlistees may be no older than 39 and must be healthy and in good physi... Read More »

How much are the Army Reserves paid?

Starting pay for an Army Reserve Private (E1) as of 2009 was $2,892. A Private First Class (E3) can make up to $3,843, and a Staff Sergeant (E6) can earn $5,599. Reserve Officers start at $5,487 fo... Read More »

How old do you have to be to join the Army Reserves?

The Army and Army Reserves both require new recruits to be at least 17-years-old. At that age, parental permission is required. Once a person turns 18, he may enlist without permission as long as h... Read More »