How do I get my website seen on search engines like Google?

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How do I make my website show up in search engines, especially Google?

Paying them the fee they require.You do realise that Google is a company don't you?They charge a fee to show up at the top of their listings..

CAn you name some of the famous search engines available like google ?

Click on the link, it will help you to find loads of search engines & different catagories.…Happy searching ;-)

Should Google and other search engines filter out websites like these?

No, if ppl wanna learn the best ways to off themselves why filter it, its not gonna make their lives any better by not seeing it.......

What are these dark areas of the Internet, the vast databases that search engines like Google do not scan?

it's actually called the "deep web" and search engines can't index them because they only index content which is static(not requiring client side scripting because the web crawler can't interact wi... Read More »