How do I get my product idea manufactured?

Answer If you have a good business mind and are creative, then the odds are probably high that you have gone into stores in the past and thought of a product that would be better than what is available, o... Read More »

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How to get my idea manufactured?

They have the inventors infomercial - just watch TV at 3 am

Where is the product manufactured for the IPod Touch?

The manufacturer is Apple Inc. and it is manufactured in California.

How Do I Protect an Idea for a Product?

In business, a good product idea is worth protecting. If you feel that you have a good idea for a product, you may be excited to show that idea to potential investors and begin generating revenue. ... Read More »

How do i determine if my idea for a product already exists?

Like Leonardo da Vinci or Archimedes, you've applied your incredible brainpower to invent a revolutionary product that will forever alter people's lives in a very deep and profound way. The only pr... Read More »