How do I get my parents to let me get a facebook!!!?

Answer don't worry your not missing anything

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Can my parents see if I have a Facebook?

No they won't see your facebook account on any bill, but believe me when I tell you that parents always find out whatever it is their kids try to hide from them! Usually they find out from the pare... Read More »

How can i convince my parents to let me get a facebook?

But your right, it is boring. Just tell your parents, it's a way of keeping in contact with your friends. Tell them a benefit will be, cheaper phone bills - because you will contact your friends vi... Read More »

Parents want my facebook password?

Your parents are understandably concerned and are taking precautions to keep you safe. I understand if you feel that they are intruding your privacy. I am honestly on your side. Personally, I think... Read More »

Would you add your parents on facebook etc?

ew no, luckily my parents are old and cant use computers