How do I get my light and fan to turn on after power surge?

Answer The surge may have taken out the receiver/control module. Call an electrician to replace it.

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My phillips tv will not turn on after power surge?

trouble on power suppy.......maybe fuse .…if it was blown....replace with a same type...if the new blew....there is a short on tv service .

Gateway Computer Won't Turn Back on After Power Surge?

When your Gateway does not turn back on after a power surge, it does not indicate that the unit is damaged. The cause can be that the system was not properly shut down during the power outage. With... Read More »

How do you repair the WS55613 TV power light that keeps blinking and will not let you turn on the TV on a Mitsubisi?

How To Repair Cause of Blinking Light I had the same problem with my Mitsubishi WS55613. I found this forum and the link. Just follow the instruction. The Chris guy did a fantastic job and he helpe... Read More »

Fridge works,but light doesn't turn on when you open the door. How can I make the light turn on again?

Maybe the lightbulb is loose. Mine always is. Just try screwing it in a little tighter. If that doesn't work, replace the bulb. (: