How do I get my laptop to communicate with my printer?

Answer A connection between a printer and a laptop is necessary if you want to print. Once the printer is configured, you will never have to repeat the process, as the configuration will be saved.Plug and... Read More »

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1 yr Dell computer&printer - printer continually cannot communicate with compuer. Can you help me out Thank?

Really could use more info about your setup.If you're connected with a USB cable, check & reseat both ends & make sure they're connected securely. Try a different USB cable & maybe port on the comp... Read More »

Why won't my printer communicate with my computer?

i also have a lexmark printer and i often have problems with the connection. it forces me to print pages individually. i was going to suggest to reinstall the software..i had to do that a few days ... Read More »

Why won't computer communicate with wireless printer?

You may not have the right drivers installed*. To check this go to Devices and printers>right click on your printer>click 'TroubleshootIf that does not work do the steps above but right click and c... Read More »

Laptop can't communicate with DNS server while @ school...?

can you connect at all at the school or just can't for dns? try pinging if it works you have internet but no dns. change your dns settings to use if you can't ping the... Read More »