How do I get my iPhones battery life back?

Answer Let me start from the beginning. Got my 16G Iphone 3g with the 2.2.1 software. All I wanted was to unlock it so I got the TurboSim installed, my phone was working perfectly after that. No problems... Read More »

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Did the latest iPhone update extend battery life of iPhones?

It depends, studies have shown that the 4.2.1 update has sped up not only the device but also battery life. Depending on if you are Jailbroken or not and how many apps you run in the background.

Do iPhone 4 keyboard cases drain the iPhones battery out?

No but it will make the battery drain a tiny bit faster than it should, but I wouldn't worry about.

How do you open the back of iphones?

According to Apple they are the only ones that can open it...but there is a tool you can buy,Phone_Repairing,Tools_Phone,Opening,Tool_iPhone,2488.php?cat=2488

How much does it cost to repair an apple iphones battery?

I would imagine it depends on the model, but under warranty - nothing, out of warranty - whatever you can find on eBay. Don't waste your money by taking it to apple.