How do I get my husband back?

Answer Sometimes we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Too often, we ignore signs that our relationships are in trouble, and a breakup occurs. It may not be too late to win back the love of your ... Read More »

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How to Fall Back in Love With Your Husband?

Want to fall back in love with your old husband?

Why have mgbafos brothers taken back their sister from her husband?

Yes. You are related to all your cousins.Your first cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle.

Why have the Mhbafos's brother take back their sister fom her husband?

You can't have a grandfather 5 times removed. You could have a 5Great grandfather. In which case the relationship would be your 3Great Grandfather.

Husband went behind my back and bought our son Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R....?

Although the ZX10R may not have been the best choice for your son (you don't tell us how much riding experience he has), the big problem seems to be with you. From your attitude, I'd probably go be... Read More »