How do I get my hair blonder and get more tan ?

Answer Spray some lemon juice in your hair and go in the sun to make it lighter and just layout outside for a couple hours in the sun to get tanner :)

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How to Dye Your Hair Blonder?

Many women dream of going blonde at some point in their lives, but actually doing it can be easier said than done depending on your natural hair color. Today there are many at-home hair coloring ki... Read More »

Should I Dye My Hair Blonder?

Worst case scenario you dont like it. Then you can change down a few shades. I made the leap and love it!

How do I get blonder hair without dying it?

Lemons or hydrogen peroxide could be the cause (but you'd kinda notice). The sun affects the bonds in the keratin of hair and affects the refraction properties. Some people are more likey for thi... Read More »

How to Dye Hair Blonder at Home?

Lightening your hair with bleach is a difficult business usually best left to professionals. However, if you are certain you can undertake the process yourself it can be done at home relatively in... Read More »