How do I get my girlfriend to give me some head...?

Answer try this line "Get me headphones, its my birthday"

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What type of hair do u have on ur head... Also could u give me some tips?

Hi Got2, We all have hair problems..Some more than others..There's one way to stop your hair growing,laser treatments it will end all your hair problems,but it will cost you a lot to have it done..... Read More »

Ive been getting headaches (front part of my head) eversince some 1 bashed my head into a wall about 15 times?

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My girlfriend wants to shave her head?

Well, I personally wouldn't because I like my hair. But the thing is, this is what she wants and if you care for her enought then you will let her do it. She probably naturally beautiful it wouldn'... Read More »

Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?