How to Stop a Dog from Barking?

Answer My dogIts natural for a dog to bark ,its a warning alert or just simply a sign of playfulness ,attention-seeking ,boredom or anxiety.if you have a dog ,you would understand how distracting and anno... Read More »

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How to Stop a Barking Dog?

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How to Stop a Dog From Barking in a Pen?

Dogs bark in pens for a number of reasons. Some canines bark because they are lonely, some bark because they want to get out, while others make noise because of objects they see around them. Whatev... Read More »

How to Stop Nuisance Barking in Your Dog?

While barking is something just about any dog will do, nuisance barking can become an irritating habit which can annoy both neighbors and dog owners alike. Nuisance barking is a habit which is corr... Read More »

How can i stop my neighbor's dog from barking?

Most of us desire a calm, peaceful environment in our homes where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, there may be some noise pollution that is irritating and disruptive to your tranqu... Read More »