How do I get my disk that's stuck out of my blu-ray player?

Answer The best Icd mount for a 50 inch screen is the Cheetah mount APDAM2B. The mount feature a fully articulating dual arm wall mount and can hold a 32-55 inch screen with a weight of 165lbs.

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Disk tray on Phillips DVD Player is stuck in closed position.?

What I do is take out the screws to take the top frame off so you can see the mechanical part inside and take out the cds with your fingers. Works everytime

How to eject a CD or DVD thats stuck in the driver?…

How can you get a ring thats stuck on your finger of?

Put your hand in "ice" cold water in a bowl, for as long as you can stand it, that will reduce any swelling. Then apply some Liquid soap (dawn) on your finger and rub around the ring and it should... Read More »

How to Get a Stuck Disk Out of a Zip 250 Machine?

The Iomega Zip 250 is a removable storage device. The device provides a way to read and use floppy disks when your tower or laptop does not have this type of drive. At times, however, a disk may ge... Read More »