How do I get my contacts to fit right?

Answer There's more to contact lenses than their prescription strength. Though it's hard to tell because they're so small, lenses have different shapes and contours for different eyes. Just as it's import... Read More »

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Are any of my contacts online right now?

I am now, but you should know I am always late to the party.

Can I get contacts right away?

You don't have to wear glasses for a certain amount of time before you can get contacts, I think that is some story made up by optometrists to cover for parents that don't want to spend the extra m... Read More »

Why does my right eye get red from wearing contacts?

Perhaps your right eye is more sensitive than your left, so is mine.Also for me, when it is windier or if i am using the computer, my eyes tend to be more dry and red.Have you considered that the s... Read More »

How to delete Facebook contacts from my phone contacts list ( iPhone 5)?

Go to your iPhone Settings, click on Facebook and below where it says "Allow these Apps to use your account" switch contacts off and then press update all contacts. Go to your contact list and ther... Read More »