How do I get my computer to stop making noises whenever I open something new?

Answer Someone's been toying with you babay. They've activated a sound setting.. and deactivated the ability to change it with your access level. Sheesh. Nice friends!

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Computer making noises like when u stop the printer from printing?

yes and you can find out too!go to your control panel>sounds and audio devicesopen the sounds tabthen you can highlight and play (and change)all your sounds for each particular type of event.Now yo... Read More »

My nikon wont stop making noises while filming?

You can't be filming. Your D5100 doesn't use film, you are shooting video.You have three possible solutions.1. turn off auto focus and focus manually2. buy a lens with silent auto focus (they cost ... Read More »

Why is my computer making these noises?

You can save your files to a CD and then open the tower and check to see what is loose. Be sure to have the power off.

How to Stop Your Brother or Sister from Making Silly Noises to Get Your Attention?

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