How do I get my computer to recognize chinese characters and display them?

Answer install Asian language pack

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How to Recognize Characters in FileMaker Text?

FileMaker provides a series of text functions for its calculation fields, which you can use to work with text stored in fields or variables. Some functions are designed to manually parse, or divide... Read More »

Does Nikon Coolwalker support Canon Raw images or just record them or display them?

You don't say which product range (coolpix, DSLR, professional DSLR, industrial optics?)

How Do You Display the Number of Characters in a String?

Displaying the number of characters within a given string is remarkably simple in the C++ programming language. The strlen() function, found within the string.h header of the standard C++ libraries... Read More »

How to Paint Chinese Characters?

Chinese Characters are beautiful and inspiring. In these steps, you will learn how to make a beautiful painting in a short amount of time. There's no way to go wrong!