How do I get my braces to stop being sore?

Answer they have just put a new wire on, and its probably a lot stronger and tighter than before, and your teeth are really feeling it. try using neurone, or something with ibuprofen in it, as this will h... Read More »

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Are braces supposed to always make your teeth feel sore while they're on?

Welcome to the club, my friend. It'll go away but it'll come back every time they tighten them. Eat yogurt, soup, drink milkshakes. Anything to numb that soreness. The inside of your mouth may star... Read More »

How do u stop a sore throat?

How do i stop a sore throat?

-Rest, rest rest. Avoid going outside for now. Lay down, watch tv or read. -I suggest that you don't have strong scents around you-ask your parents or whoever to go get temporary relief throat cand... Read More »

What can i rub on my lips to stop them being sore?

Lips??? Lab lips??? Either way I'd take Punisher's offer up Jess.