How do I get my boyfriend to accept that I am vegetarian?

Answer Take him to the local butcher store or a slaughter house, that should do it.If not move on down the road.

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How can i accept that my boyfriend smokes weed?

I was just like you. I have been with my boyfriend for three years but at the beginning he would always smoke weed and it would really bother me. My mom even called his phone one time and heard his... Read More »

If you are 16 and pregnant how do you get your mom to accept your 15-year-old boyfriend so that you can be together?

Answer 95% of females in there teenage years are normally more socially and emotionally advanced than males, so my first question would be, what happened to the girl to be so delayed in both or eit... Read More »

Boyfriend is a vegetarian?

He is straight vegan? Or just vegetarian? If its just vegetarian... I know of a great recepi that I love, and I am a meat eater. Its very filling and hearty, and its a take an an "all american" rec... Read More »

How do I convince my difficult over-protective older brother that my boyfriend loves me and is right for me and how to make him like my boyfriend?

First show your brother all nice things your boyfriend is and if he still doesn't like him tell you brother to talk to your boyfriend so your brother can get to know him. And he should like you boy... Read More »