How do I get my adoption records?

Answer Adoption records are made for every child who is put up for adoption. The name of the child's mother and where the child was put up for adoption are included in the records. These records can be ac... Read More »

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How can you get adoption records?

Well there are laws about access to adoption records and they differ state to state. Also access to any records about the adoption are under laws by the state you live in or were adopted in.

Can one open adoption records at age 18?

One can only obtain adoption records at the age of 18 in states with so-called "open adoption records." States that provide adoptees with birth certificates and other birth and adoption records whe... Read More »

How do I access adoption records?

Contact your State AgencyGather all the records you have, including birth certificates and any paperwork your adoptive parents may have. Contact the agency or state that handled your adoption to re... Read More »

Finding sealed adoption records?

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