How to Remove Windows 2000 From a Dual Boot Setup With Windows XP?

Answer Before upgrading to a completely new operating system, some users prefer to "test drive" the operating system using a dual-boot operating system configuration. Setting a computer up to as a dual-bo... Read More »

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How do I format a computer when the Windows boot CD is lost?

Borrow a CDFind a Windows installation CD. Even if you do not have your Windows CD, you can borrow one and it won't affect the serial number or registration of the other user or computer's version ... Read More »

How to Access Files on a Computer With Ubuntu when Windows Fails to Boot?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really need a file but for some reason Windows all of a sudden is deciding to not booting up on your machine? Don’t panic, chances are the fi... Read More »

How do I boot from CD in Windows XP?

Open BIOS SetupOpen the BIOS (basic input output system) setup. To do so, press the "Del" key as soon as your computer starts to boot up. Select "Advanced BIOS Features" by using the arrow keys and... Read More »

Can Windows XP boot from USB?

You can boot Windows XP from a USB flash drive, so long as your computer is capable of booting from a USB disk. Because you must format the drive with the FAT-16 file system, the device cannot be l... Read More »