How do I get my GED results?

Answer A GED--or General Educational Development--certificate, which is equal to a high school diploma, is available to those who have not completed their high school education. If you have a diploma that... Read More »

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Has anyone else had normal papsmear results after getting abnormal results in the past?

Congratulation, yes even after many abnormal Pap tests you can have a normal Pap. When the virus enters its latent state it is not seen in any test. Our Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes. ... Read More »

50/50 Results?

Maybe your are pregnant, but still really early so that is why they are showing up positive when your pee is more concentrated rather than it being regular. So probably within a feew days or so the... Read More »

How to Complain and Get Results?

What do you do when something has gone wrong, and you feel you have a legitimate complaint? Perhaps you've gotten poor service, your order was filled incorrectly or you were kept waiting for an ino... Read More »

Decipher my lab results?

These lab results mean someone probably needs to take a closer look at your stomach region with MRI or CT scan to see whats going on. Its surprising you were given these blood test results without... Read More »