How do I get my 8mm cassette to a dvd?

Answer Use a converter

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When did they stop making cassette tapes and cassette players?

You are asking too many questions in one.I will say this much:Prerecorded cassettes died a long, slow death after CDs were introduced (in 1982 - 1983), mainly because CDs are so much better.Blank c... Read More »

How to Copy Cassette to CD?

If you have a stack of old cassette tapes lying around, you can copy the cassettes to CDs to preserve the material and play it on newer technology. Copying your cassettes is legal if you own the or... Read More »

How can I record a cassette to a cd?

Many people have a garage, attic or closet full of old cassette tapes they don't listen to anymore. You want to transfer your music to a more contemporary format like CDs, but don't know how. You'l... Read More »

How do I repair a cassette?

One reason cassettes have been largely replaced by CDs (and more recently, by devices that play electronically downloaded music files), is because they are so easily damaged or broken. However, you... Read More »