How do I get my 4 yr old to stop crying in preschool when I drop him off?

Answer I have 3 children and I used to run my own daycare. You need to ask your child's teacher how long he cries after he is dropped off, and you are out of site. Most of the time, the tears are for yo... Read More »

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Desperately need help for crying toddler @ preschool:-(?

My son was the same way when he started preschool. He cried for MONTHS! If I had it to do over again I would have pulled him out and done more play groups where we would go together. Some childr... Read More »

How to Stop Crying?

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Why don't I want to stop crying?

You poor little thing.It happened to all of us at some stage

How to Stop Crying over Your Ex Every Day?

You were in love and you both thought it would last forever, but it suddenly ended. You can't believe it, and you're devastated. This article will help you get over those feelings.