How do I get more virtual memory?

Answer What if some of your bulkier applications have started to slow down to a snail's pace and others simply crash when you try to run them? You might fix the problem by purchasing more RAM, but in some... Read More »

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How do i get more virtual memory on my computer?

When you get a notice that your computer is running low on virtual memory, the message is meant to inform you that the virtual memory used to open computer programs is running out. Increasing virtu... Read More »

How to Get More Virtual Memory When Playing a Game?

Playing the latest video games on a computer requires a powerful and well-maintained system. A capable graphics card, quick processor and plenty of memory are just a few of the necessities for an e... Read More »

Is RAM virtual memory?

No, RAM is not virtual memory. RAM specifically refers to the memory chip set in your computer. Virtual memory uses your hard disk drive to protect and extend the capabilities of your computer's ph... Read More »

How to Fix Virtual Memory?

A common problem many computer users experience is a computer's virtual memory being too low. This happens when a person is running a program or multiple programs that are taking up a lot of memory... Read More »