How do I get into set-up for HP Pavilion 6636?

Answer The HP Pavilion 6636 computer is an older Pentium III Intel-based machine that was sold pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 98SE or Windows ME. This 500 mhz processor speed computer featured a Cogna... Read More »

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How to Get Into BIOS on an HP Pavilion DV4?

HP Pavilion DV4 is a powerful laptop that features the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of computer memory (RAM). BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a special program (firmware) integrated into... Read More »

How do I get into BIOS on an HP Pavilion dv4?

"F1" KeyLocate the "F1" keyboard key in the upper left corner of your HP Pavilion DV4's keyboard.RestartRestart your HP Pavilion DV4 computer.Load the BIOSTap the "F1" key one time during the boot ... Read More »

My HP Pavilion Won't Go Into Standby?

In 1995, HP designed the first HP Pavilion, called the 5030. The HP Pavilion was the first multimedia personal computer made for home use. It came with Microsoft Windows 95, an 850MB hard drive, 8M... Read More »

Can you put a 250 gb hard drive into an HP Pavilion zv5000?

HP originally sold HP Pavilion zv5000 laptops containing IDE hard disks no larger than 80 GB in size. However, the hardware and operating system of Windows XP, are capable of handling larger hard d... Read More »