Why do girls wear leggings as pants?

Answer Because they want people to see their asses. That's really all their is to it.And to anyone saying you can't see through them, oh my god, yes you can. Just the other day I was shopping and there w... Read More »

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How to Make Pirate Pants for Girls?

Yo ho, yo ho. Your daughter wants to dress up as a pirate. Whether for Halloween, a dress-up party or just for fun, pirate pants are the base of the perfect costume that does not feel too fussy. Pi... Read More »

Do girls mind when guys wear their pants low?

yeah its ugly but you cant put them up too high.

What stores can I find pants for tall thin teen girls?

go to this web : second & third link on that website

Is it cool/ok when girls sag skinny jeans and pants LEGIT ANSWERS PLEASE!?

girls shouldnt sag, thats not sexy at all