How do I get grants for inventions?

Answer You might have an idea or invention you believe will change the world, but it means nothing if you can't bring the invention to life. The first thing you need is enough funding to develop a prototy... Read More »

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Has anyone read the book by Matthew Lesko who has "grants grants grants by the government just to give away"?

The problem with Lesko is that he lists down grant giving organizations -- but misrepresent what grants they give. For example, he will classify a foundation as a grant giving foundation for those ... Read More »

Who can help with new inventions?

On One Hand: Patent OfficeThe United States Patent Office can help you protect your new ideas, even before it is thoroughly developed. You can file a Provisional Patent Application with the Patent ... Read More »

Inventions from Immigrants?

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor. He, along with the Founding Fathers, invented a country where inventors from around the world could emigrate to and find freedom to create things that never exist... Read More »

Victorian Era Inventions?

In 1851, Britain's Crystal Palace exhibit in London showcased the latest scientific and technological discoveries from around the world. More than six million visitors viewed the fair's more than 1... Read More »