How do I get good bread with breadmakers?

Answer Making the DoughUse a good quality bread flour, rather than regular flour, to get the fluffiest bread. It contains more protein which will form more gluten during kneading. If you use a dark flour ... Read More »

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How do breadmakers work?

A bread maker, or bread machine, is a kitchen appliance that takes most of the work out of making bread. After you combine the dough ingredients in the bread pan, the bread machine automatically mi... Read More »

What year were breadmakers invented?

The first bread machine was invented in 1902 by Joseph Lee, an African-American inventor. However, it wasn't until 1986 that home bread machines were first released in Japan. They were introduced i... Read More »

Who makes Panasonic breadmakers?

Panasonic manufactures its own line of bread maker. The bread maker has four speeds, size and heat controls and can be purchased on Panasonic's website. The bread maker also features a limited warr... Read More »

Which would you choose here: apple bread, banana bread, raisin bread or something else?

Banana bread - with miniature chocolate chips,